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Course Requirements:

The client authority is confirming that the course will be conducted and that the client site meets their obligations in providing a safe training environment and that all training areas are serviceable and deemed suitable for their intended use.

Students are to wear normal work clothes to include covered footwear (steel capped boots preferred), long sleeve shirt and long pants or overalls, attendee’s who do not comply with the required dress code may be refused admission to their course. Fire & Safety Australia trainers reserve the right to suspend from training courses students who are dressed inappropriately for the training they are undertaking.

Courses will commence at the listed time. Due to the nature of the training students shall be in attendance for the full duration. Students who arrive after the scheduled start time may not be admitted. If a student is running late they are to contact the Fire & Safety Australia centre to notify of estimated time of arrival.

At the start of each day of training students are required to sign a Course Attendance Sheet. In the event this is not signed students may be classed as Not Yet Competent (NYC).

Yes, I have read the Fire & Safety Australia Pre-enrolment Handbook for our course cancellation policy.


I declare that the information and supporting documentation provided is true and correct. I have read and understood Fire & Safety Australia refund policy and conditions and agree with all the terms and conditions specified.