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How safety leaders can manage risks

The Australian workplace carries with it a risk to employees of injury or work-related illness. According to SafeWork Australia, a total of 106,565 serious workers' compensation claims were lodged between 2013 and 2014 - equating to 5.9 serious claims per million hours worked.

When such incidents occur, they not only impact the worker, they can also put the worker's family and the business they work for under stress. A positive health and safety culture begins at the top, and safety leaders need to be aware that injuries or illness to their staff not only result in lost time or productivity, attrition and retraining costs, but also the potential for workers' compensation claims.

Taking safety seriously

Controlling of safety risks is one of the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and subsequent workers' compensation claims. The key is early identification of potential hazards, responding to any red flags as early as possible, and having a logical recording process for any safety concerns, near-misses or incidents that may arise.

Safety leaders should be proactive in detecting these early warning signs. Safety leaders should also drive a culture that fosters good communication, collaboration, and encourages people to look after themselves. Ensuring employees take extended sick leave when they need it, for example, will mean their illness will have the best chance of resolving and lower the risk of someone submitting a compensation claim.

 Detecting hazards in the workplace is critical

How Fire & Safety Australia can help

There are many ways to make your workplace a safer environment.

Having first aid kits, fire extinguishers and related equipment on hand is one aspect. The other is to be prepared by training safety leaders in safe procedures and how to deal with emergency situations. There is no substitute for coming up with a plan that enables everyone in the team to help each other when needed.

If you are wondering how your safety leaders can be trained in developing a better health and safety system for your company, consider signing up for Fire & Safety Australia' Safety for Leaders course.

Covering the roles and responsibilities of safety leaders, the one day Safety for Leaders course will help participants gain a thorough understanding on the importance of workplace safety, risk and incident management processes and developing a positive safety culture.

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