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ASC Confined Space Refresher

4 Hours

Max Students:

Designed for:
This course refreshers information on the entry to confined spaces, for maintenance, servicing of vessels or other necessary reasons for all ASC work environments. Work in/entry to confined spaces shall conform to the ASC Standards, policies and relevant legislation including AS2865, or its authorised update or replacement.



Pre-entry Requirements:
This unit requires the ability to:

  • To have completed the full ASC Enter and work in confined spaces course
  • Read and correctly interpret required documentation relevant to the entry
  • Speak clearly and unambiguously in English
  • Explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues
  • Understand the permit requirements
  • Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms and producing any required reports.
  • Numeracy is required to the level of being able to correctly differentiate between high and low pressures and temperatures, voltages or masses and interpret gas test/monitoring results

This course refreshers the training requirements for employees wishing to work on an ASC site around confined spaces. The students will gain the skills and knowledge to enter confined space, for maintenance purposes, for cleaning, inspection or other reasons. The course provides students with an ASC specific version of the Enter and Work in Confined Spaces package.


Specific knowledge is required to achieve the Performance Criteria of this unit; this includes knowledge of the following:

  • Access and interpret information relevant to specific tasks (eg labels, MSDSs HAZCHEM signs)
  • Access and apply hazard controls
  • Identify changes to conditions which may lead to the permit being revoked before the job is completed
  • Describe and/or explain hazards associated with tasks covered by the permit, types of tests required for the issue of work permits - the types of tests to include, atmospheric/oxygen/ breathability, flammability/explosivity, toxicity/TWA, temperature, humidity
  • Interpret and respond to gas test/monitoring results/information
  • Identify a change in work conditions, possible new hazards and so the required hazard controls and obtain revalidation of permit
  • Implement hazard controls

Unit of Competency

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to successful students on completion of course.

Students learning outcomes will be assessed using practical activities designed to simulate a workplace and written or oral questions as appropriate.

Delivery Method:
Classroom theory via PowerPoint presentations, including audio-visual material and practical activities that simulate a workplace.

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