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ASC Confined Space Refresher

This course refreshers the training requirements for employees wishing to work on an ASC site around confined spaces. The students will gain the skills and knowledge to enter confined space, for maintenance purposes, for cleaning, inspection or other reasons. The course provides students with an ASC specific version of the Enter and Work in Confined Spaces package.

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Bluescope Communication & Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment

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Santos Fire Watcher 1.6 & 2.8

This training applies to personnel who are required to respond to fire on Santos sites and covers first response only

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Santos Operate Vehicles in the Field

This Santos specific course covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare and operate vehicles and related equipment to patrol pipelines or otherwise drive across a variety of terrains. This unit of competency applies to operators who are required to check their vehicle daily for damage, ensure fuels and lubricant levels are maintained, effect minor repairs, prepare and maintain field equipment, and communicate with their base station. Operators must check the vehicle for mechanical soundness before leaving base, ensure it is securely and adequately packed, make certain the communications equipment and contact schedule are in order and generally be prepared for long periods off-road.

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Santos Work Permit Procedure & Santos Module 49 - Gas Detection

This unit addresses the training and assessment of students who are required to work within the work permit and addresses gas detection and monitoring procedures at Santos sites.

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Virgin Confined Space Refresher

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