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Get Nationally Recognised Training in confined space from Australia's largest safety company.

Fire and Safety Australia delivers a variety of confined space training to all industries across Australia. So if you need training in Enter and Work in Confined Spaces, Enter Confined Space or  Undertake Confined Space Rescue, Fire and Safety Australia has a solution for you. We also offer training in associated courses such as Gas Test Atmospheres, Operate Breathing Apparatus and Work Permits.

Courses run every week across Australia; use our Course Finder to book now.

Enter and Work in Confined Spaces - 1 Day

This course covers entering and working in confined spaces in resources and infrastructure industries. It includes planning and preparing for entry of confined spaces; entry and working in confined spaces, exiting confined spaces and cleaning up.

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Enter Confined Space

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Enter Confined Space - Basic

Our confined space training courses are nationally recognised training courses and are taught through the Manufacturing Training Package and the Resources and Infrastructure Training Package.

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Enter Confined Space Refresher

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Gas Test Atmospheres

Gas test atmospheres course is designed for students who could be required to undertake routine procedures requiring the use of portable atmospheric monitoring equipment. The successful student will be competent to work in situations requiring the use of portable atmospheric monitoring equipment.

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Introduction to Confined Space Rescue

This introductory course provides guidance and outlines procedures for people who required a basic understanding and knowledge of confined space rescues in the preparations, risk assessments, performing of rescues and concluding rescue operations to a basic level.

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Undertake Confined Space Rescue

This course covers the competency to undertake rescue in confined spaces as a member of a single agency or multi-disciplinary team. The application of this unit in the workplace covers a range of confined space rescue situations.

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