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Accredited Warden & Response team training to benefit your business

Maintaining an injury free workplace is imperative to every business. While many potential hazards are easily avoided, sometimes unforeseen incidents occur that require the experience, knowledge and clear thinking of a qualified emergency warden or response team.

Fire and Safety Australia offers certified Emergency Response Training courses, giving your personnel the tools and skills to act with preparedness and calmness when dealing with anything from fires to road accidents. Our Emergency Response Course training is available across Australia, allowing businesses to become suitably accredited nationwide.

All Fire and Safety Australia Emergency Preparedness Training courses adhere to strict OH & S regulations and current Australian standards, so you can be certain you’re receiving training that is up to date and fully compliant. Enrol at our emergency response training institute for best practice warden training and accreditation; explore our course selection options below.

Respond to Wild Fire

This unit covers competency for responding to a wildfire when working as a member of a team, under direct supervision.

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Suppress Wild Fire

The suppression of wildfires requires a team approach from the time a fire is reported, until it is made safe. It requires accurate reception of reported information, careful preparation and travel to the fire location, application of safe and appropriate fire control strategies, and timely recovery and maintenance of equipment in readiness for further deployment.

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