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Licence to Operate a Vehicle Loading Crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes & above) - WA Only

4 Days (Minimum numbers apply for training to take place)

Max Students:

Designed for:
This course is designed for individuals that require to operate a vehicle loading crane with a capacity of 10 metre tonnes or more, mounted on a vehicle for the principle purpose of loading and unloading such a vehicle, including the application of load estimation and slinging techniques to move a load.



Pre-entry Requirements:
Language, literacy and numeracy are required to complete calculations in the workplace and complete workplace documentation.

This unit requires a person operating vehicle loading crane to plan the work, conduct routine checks, set up the crane, shift loads in a safe manner and safely shut down and secure the crane.


  • Accurately record and maintain information relating to crane operations
  • Use communication techniques in the workplace including hand signals, whistles and two-way radios
  • Use interpersonal communication skills at a level sufficient to communicate with other site personnel
  • Operate crane including all functions to their maximum extension in the loading and unloading of loads to the safe working rated capacity of the crane, in conjunction with other associated personnel
  • Use of lifting equipment and basic slinging techniques suitable for the loads to be loaded/unloaded as defined by workplace procedures
  • Apply risk assessment and hazard control strategies, including hierarchy of control as applied to the positioning and safe operation of the vehicle loading crane (particular awareness of the risks associated with overhead powerlines/electrical cables, ground conditions and vehicle tipping)
  • Use and interpret crane manufacturer's specifications and data, including load charts to enable the vehicle loading crane to be configured for the load

Verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response procedures.

Unit of Competency

TLILIC0012 Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)

The course assessment is based on the requirements of the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.

Students will be assessed on practical activities and a written assessment

Delivery Method:
This course is delivered at Blackwoods training centres nationally and customer sites via PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual material, individual and group activities and practical applications which simulate real working environments.

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