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Work Health and Safety Courses

Assist with managing WHS compliance of contractors

This course aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to assist with managing the work health and safety (WHS) implications of using contractors. It involves identifying contractor duties, establishing organisational WHS compliance requirements associated with those duties, establishing and communicating the requirements expected of contractors, monitoring contractor compliance with WHS requirements, and implementing required responses to identified non-compliance.

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Assist with workplace compliance with WHS laws

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Contribute to WHS risk management

This course addresses the skills and knowledge required to contribute to identifying Work Health and Safety (WHS) hazards; assessing the WHS risks; and developing, implementing and evaluating risk controls appropriate within your job role and relating to your work area.

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Contribute to workplace incident response

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to assist with actions and activities performed in response to workplace incidents according to work health and safety (WHS) legislative and organisational requirements.

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Health & Safety Committee Refresher

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