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Working At Heights Training Adelaide, SA - Working At Heights Course

Working at Heights Training in Adelaide

Undergoing comprehensive height safety training is a crucial requirement for people in roles that requires them to be working from great altitudes. Fire & Safety Australia offers Working at Heights training in Adelaide SA, giving employees the knowledge and skills to adopt and apply safe working practices while significantly reducing the risk of injury in the workplace.   

The working at heights course in SA to help you help your employees

Employees will study a range of Working at Heights course competencies that can be applied to a multitude of industries. Through our training in Adelaide, they’ll be able to work safely from heights, actively participate in or perform a first response rescue should the situation arise and conduct a vertical rescue operation if required.

  • Read about our Undertake Vertical Rescue course (includes units PUASAR032A – Undertake Vertical Rescue, PUAFIR201B – Prevent Injury and PUASAR001A – Participate in a Rescue Operation)
  • Read about our Heights Incident First Response course (includes units PUASAR001B – Participate in a Rescue Operation and PUATEA001A – Work in a Team)
  • Read about our Work Safely at Heights course (includes unit RIIOHS204A – Work Safely at Heights)

Fire & Safety Australia stringently complies with current Australian standards and OH & S regulations. For more Working at Heights course information in Adelaide, feel free to contact us on 13 73 23.