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Working At Heights Training Sydney, NSW - Working At Heights Course

Working at Heights Training in Sydney NSW

Making sure that all employees who regularly work at great heights receive the appropriate training is fundamental to building a workplace that is safe and injury free. Fire & Safety Australia provides height safety training for Sydney NSW businesses, with an essential range of courses that help to foster safe workplaces across all industries.

Industry leading height safety training to build safer workplaces across NSW

Employees undertaking Working at Heights training in Sydney will complete units of competency that will help them recognise the safety considerations that come with working at heights, perform a first response rescue should a situation arise, and actively participate in a vertical rescue operation if necessary.

  • Read about our Undertake Vertical Rescue course (includes units PUASAR032A – Undertake Vertical Rescue, PUAFIR201B – Prevent Injury and PUASAR001A – Participate in a Rescue Operation)
  • Read about our Heights Incident First Response course (includes units PUASAR001B – Participate in a Rescue Operation and PUATEA001A – Work in a Team)
  • Read about our Work Safely at Heights course (includes unit RIIOHS204A – Work Safely at Heights)

All Fire & Safety Australia courses strictly adhere to Australian Standards at OH & S regulations. If you need further details on our Working at Heights course selection in NSW, please contact us on 13 73 23.